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Our Hot Chocolate is a decadent winter evening treat. Buttery, creamy and smooth as silk, it is an all-time classic, perfecting the simple pleasure of a cup of cocoa.


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  • 60% less sugar

  • Thick texture

  • From the hills of Idduki, Kerala

  • Gluten-free

From the finest cocoa estates

Our hot chocolate is grown in the hills of Kerala, a region that produces India's very best. The richness of the hills gives the chocolate a sweet aroma and a rich chocolatey flavor.

Blended with dark chocolate buttons

Dark chocolate buttons or couverture has a much higher cocoa content than regular hot chocolate from any other brand.

Now in 5 different flavours

We've spent months experimenting on our hot chocolate flavours. We're excited to bring to you the very best.

Tastes like your favourite cafe hot chocolate

Our Hot Chocolate is super easy to make. Take 2 heaped tablespoons in a medium sized cup, add hot boiling milk and stir well- it's that simple! For extra indulgence, serve with marshmallows or whipped cream.

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    Who said Hot Chocolate was only a winter drink? We consume it all year round!

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    Wondering how to get a perfectly creamy and thick textured Hot Chocolate at home? Don't worry,

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