5 healthier Sugar alternatives - Sorting the good and bad

5 healthier Sugar alternatives - Sorting the good and bad

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The days of adding excess amounts of sugar to coffee are slowly coming to an end. More and more people every day are becoming increasingly aware about their health and making changes to their daily lifestyle. People are choosing healthier alternatives for their diet while cutting out refined sugars. 

One of the biggest obstacles that people often encounter while choosing healthier options is what to replace sugar with. Not many people are used to the taste and flavour of a strong cup of black coffee. In fact, most coffee drinkers worry that skipping sweeteners, will lead to an extremely bitter cup of coffee. Thankfully, sugar alternatives are a much better option than using your regular white sugar. 

Benefits of using sugar substitutes in your coffee

Replacing sugar with healthier alternatives has several benefits to your health. It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and excessive weight gain. Natural alternatives may help reduce some of these common health risks.

How to sweeten my coffee without sugar?

If you like your coffee a little sweet but are looking for a healthier alternative to sugar, there are several options you could try. Using honey, a splash of vanilla or even stevia could help you sweeten your coffee. You may even find that you don't need to add any sweeteners if you try a smooth, flavoured coffee

Alternatives to Sugar

There are several natural and healthier alternatives for your coffee than plain sugar. 

  1. Honey - Honey does wonders for your blood sugar and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It provides a nutrient boost of magnesium and potassium. Just a single serving of honey is enough to sweeten your coffee.
  2. Palm jaggery powder - A much healthier and natural alternative to white sugar, palm jaggery powder adds a naturally sweet taste to your coffee without the harmful effects of sugar. There are several benefits to substituting sugar with jaggery in your daily life. It's loaded with minerals and nutrients, restores healthy digestion, aids weight loss and is a natural energy booster. 
  3. Maple syrup - If you're looking for a healthy, sugar-free option that is readily available, you could try using a drizzle of maple syrup in your coffee. Maple syrup has several benefits over white sugar and is considered to have antioxidant properties. 
  4. Vanilla extract - Many coffee drinkers love the flavour of vanilla in their black coffee or latte. Adding a drop or two of vanilla extract to your coffee enhances the flavour, without the addition of sugar. However, instead of adding vanilla extract to your coffee, another alternative is to use flavoured vanilla coffee
  5. Stevia - While stevia may resemble many artificial sweeteners, it is actually a natural sugar substitute. It comes from the stevia plant which goes through a round of chemical processing before it is sold for consumption. Using stevia greatly reduces the risk of blood sugar spike and weight gain. 

We hope you found a new way to sweeten your coffee without sugar! Whether you choose to go with palm jaggery, honey or flavoured coffee, you cup will taste more like coffee without the excessive sweetness of sugar. What's better, you won't be consuming too much sugar and lowering your calorie intake at the same time! 

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