6 Reasons why your frother might not be working.

6 Reasons why your frother might not be working.

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We often get complaints that your Country Bean frother isn't working. There are many reasons why this might be happening. Here we are with a list of reasons why this might be happening and how you can solve them.

1. High-Fat Milk
At first, you must assume that whole milk is ideal for a good froth. I thought so too. Whole milk contains high fat which breaks down in the milk causing glycerol formation, which prevents any bubbling or foaming. It might work for some people though. As mentioned before, some trial and error might be required before you master the art of frothing. You can try heating the milk and removing the extra cream before frothing it.

2. Using Old Milk
The fresher the milk, the better the froth. This is something we have observed over the months. Milk that has been stored for long, tends to not froth or even bubble. For someone who uses milk frother regularly, I was shocked to see my frother not working. Thankfully, I tried it again before resorting to buy a new one. 

3. Incorrect Steaming Time
If you're using whole milk or pure milk, you should definitely heat it before using it. If you don't, you'll simply be making butter (not quite, but almost). Unfortunately, this part of the process requires some trial and error. Every type of milk froths differently. Almond milk froths very differently than cow's milk. Further, toned, skimmed or whole, the fat content in the milk affects the froth it makes. No matter your method, heating the milk makes for the best results. If you're looking to make some delicious frothy cold coffee, boil your milk and keep it to cool well in advance. Make sure to add either extremely chilled milk or extremely hot in your frother. 

4. Adding the right amount of milk
To get a perfect cup of frothy milk, we suggest adding milk half way into the frother. The quantity of milk determines the space the compound has to create froth. Larger amounts of milk will lead to spilling, while less milk will only create bubbles.

5. Are you frothing it long enough?
Sometimes the issue might just be the time you are frothing the milk for. An average frothing time is 30 seconds if you're using milk in the optimum temperature. One should plunge it well for those 30 seconds to create a good layer of foam. However, that might not always work. You might have to froth it longer or for a lesser time based on how your milk is reacting.

6. Check for faults
Lastly, do check for faults if after all these reasons above, your frother still isn't working. The knob might be stuck or the mesh might have come apart due to rigorous use. Country Bean frother is easy to assemble and clean. If you are experience otherwise, we suggest making sure the frother doesn't have any parts missing or faulty.

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