Brown sugar & Cinnamon Vanilla Latte - your summer sip

Brown sugar & Cinnamon Vanilla Latte - your summer sip

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When it comes to coffee, cinnamon and vanilla are two of our favourites. A vanilla latte flavoured with a dash of cinnamon makes it an incredible duo which takes your morning latte to the next level. A vanilla flavoured latte with cinnamon and brown sugar is easy to make and incredibly delicious to drink. 


2 tsp Country Bean vanilla coffee

2 tsp brown sugar

A pinch of cinnamon

1/4 cup water


Milk of choice


- Add your vanilla coffee, brown sugar, cinnamon and water to a small jar. Shake well.

- Fill your Country Bean milk frother halfway and plunge rapidly for 30 seconds till it becomes super frothy.

- To a glass, add lots of ice and pour your coffee mixture over it.

- Pour your rich, frothy milk into the glass.

- Stir it well and enjoy!

Pro Tips

If you want your Cinnamon and vanilla latte to be cold, make sure you use chilled milk for your coffee. 

Video & recipe by @butter.street

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