Homemade caramel coffee macchiato

Homemade caramel coffee macchiato

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Make this super easy café-like coffee at home with super simple ingredients. This beautiful glass of cold caramel coffee is sure to win everyone's heart and grab their attention! 

Get the caffeine kick with this delicious macchiato.

Ingredients & Equipment

2 tbsp chocolate or caramel sauce

1 cup chilled milk

1 scoop vanilla ice cream(optional)

1/2 cup of water

1 tbsp Country Bean Caramel Coffee

Country Bean Milk Frother


In a glass, add some chocolate or caramel sauce.

Pour some chilled milk along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the Country Bean Milk Frother and froth for 30-45 seconds.

Add your country bean caramel coffee to around 1/2 cup of boiling water to prepare your espresso shot. ( You could use any other flavour of coffee as well)

Place a spoon on top of the glass and slowly start pouring the espresso.


Pro Tips

One could serve this drink hot or cold based on their personal preference. To make the hot version of this drink, one could skip the ice cream and add some sugar to the milk if required. The addition of sugar to your milk would vary based on the type of chocolate that has been used. In case of milk chocolate, one would require to add lesser sugar as compared to the case of dark chocolate.

Our recommendation in case of making the cold version would be to use dark chocolate, to give a richer end result. One could even use caramel or chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla to make this drink even more indulgent.

Fun Fact - When hot espresso shot is poured slowly over a spoon into tall glass of cold milk layers are formed due to difference in density of cold milk n hot espresso.

It's the same science which forms layers in ocean!

Recipe & Video credits: @kitchenstorybyvarsha

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