Celebrating International Yoga Day! - Surya Namaskar for beginners

Celebrating International Yoga Day! - Surya Namaskar for beginners

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This International Yoga Day we want to appreciate all the creators who make it easy for us to practise yoga at home.
Start this International Yoga Day with Surya Namaskar for beginners:

As @rhea_abraham says, all you need is a mat if you please. And yoga blocks/books/anything sturdy for a slight elevation AND your body, as is. 
And remember,inhale and exhale THROUGH each movement, don’t pant, don’t be forceful with the breath. Idea is to slowly inhale when you rise and exhale otherwise.
Don’t rush, be slow, take your time.

1. Just breathe..no need to rush.

2. Inhale as you extend your arms up up up, you don’t have to add in a back bend, just SLIGHTLY lean back, gaze at your palms or wherever your necks comfortable.

3. Exhale and gently fold forward, for all my friends with those tight hamstrings, hip and back muscles, TRY THIS- don’t lock your knees PLEASE, bend them and focus on getting your chest and tummy to your thighs, that’s all, let your palms rest on the blocks or simply just hold your calves. Gaze slightly forward or down.

4. Inhale. Palms still on the blocks, extend your left leg behind, at your pace, right feet anchored, right ankle and knee aligned in a line or you can let the knee go SLIGHTLY ahead, don’t hold it for too long though. Gaze slightly upward or forward.

5.Exhale. Get your right leg behind too and go into a full plank, you can loose the blocks here if you wish. Gaze downward or forward.

6. Start breathing normally here. This is where everyone wants an easier variation. So, place your knees on the floor first, then instead of a proper half chaturanga, just rest one elbow at a time on the ground and let your entire body rest on the floor.

7. Inhale, palms under your shoulder, grip and claw your palms and push the ground away, try and lift your chest off the floor, slightly. Make sure your elbows feel comfortable.Gaze forward or upward.

8. Exhale while you place your knees back on the ground, lift your hips upward as your push the ground away with your palms and go into a down dog. Gaze between your feet or at your navel.

9. Inhale. You can get your palms back on the blocks and slowly get your left leg between your palms. (Same alignment as mentioned in 4 but on the other side)

10. Exhale as you get your right leg forward and go into a forward fold (alignment as mentioned in 3)

11. Inhale. And follow the alignment of 2

12. Relaaax. You just completed ONE beautiful Surya Namaskar.
Now repeat starting with your right leg extending backward first! Have fun with it. 

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