Cold Chocolate Milkshake to the rescue

Cold Chocolate Milkshake to the rescue

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What’s never out of season? Chocolate!

Creamy, decadent and frothy - This shake is going to be your favourite drink this summers. Topped with some nutty goodness and your favourite toppings - this is perfect for your sweet cravings anytime of the day.

Ingredients & Equipment

Country Bean Milk Frother


Country Bean Hot Chocolate Mix

Chocolate Sauce

Finely cut Hazelnuts

Chilled Milk

Two scoops of Vanilla Ice cream

(Any of your favourite chocolate for topping)


Add water and Country Bean chocolate mix in Country Bean Milk Frother.

Froth 10-12 times.

Coat some chocolate sauce on the rim of the glass and then dip the glass on finely cut hazelnut plate.

In a glass, add the frothy mix and some chilled milk.

Top it with vanilla ice cream, your favourite toppings and slurp!

Pro tips

You could make this chocolate shake as decadent as you wish. You could add in some extra chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Choco chips, cake crumbs, biscuits would all help in making this shake more indulgent!

Recipe & Video credits : @journalingskiesandmore

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