Say good morning to a healthy breakfast - coffee smoothie bowl

Say good morning to a healthy breakfast - coffee smoothie bowl

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Classic smoothie bowls made easy. Just throw it in the blender, let it spin, and slurp.

This recipes combines the best of coffee and the fruity indulgence of frozen bananas that will keep you full throughout the day 


1 small cup espresso (made with Country Bean Hazelnut coffee and water)

2 frozen bananas

2 tsp cocoa powder

2-3 ice cubes

Chia seeds for topping (optional)

Pumpkin seeds for topping (optional)


Prepare your espresso by mixing in 1 small cup water (or maybe 1/2 cup) and 1-2 tsp of Country Bean Hazelnut coffee.

Make sure to freeze your bananas for atleast 3-4 hours, or overnight for the best results.

In a blender combine your frozen bananas, espresso, cocoa powder and ice (optional) and blend it all together. If you like to have your smoothie on the thicker end, you should avoid adding in the ice.

Once your smoothie is blended and well combined, you could transfer it to a bowl and top it off with all your favourite toppings and enjoy!

You could use seeds like pumpkin ,chia ,flax ,hemp etc, or top it off with some fresh fruits like banana, apples, or berries.

You could even top your bowl with some granola, cocoa nibs, melted chocolate sauce, honey or if desired any other form of sweetener as well. 

πŸ“· & recipe by @doitlikegatz

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