Did someone say Cold Chocolate?

Did someone say Cold Chocolate?

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Ever wanted to make a heavenly and luscious Cold Chocolate milkshake just like the cafes?

Look no further! Try this rich, creamy and easy 2 ingredient recipe and beat the heat this summer.

Ingredients & Equipment

2 tbsp Country Bean Hot Chocolate mix

Country Bean Milk Frother

Chilled Milk

Lots of Ice


In a cup, add hot chocolate powder and frothed chilled milk. Mix well.

In a separate glass, add lots of ice, pour the cold chocolate mix made earlier and enjoy!

Pro Tips

You could even top it off with some ice cream or whipped cream.

Feel free to add loads of chocolate sauce, nutella or caramel sauce.

You could even add a small spoon of coffee to add an extra depth of flavour.

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