5 Best flavours of coffee to try this year

5 Best flavours of coffee to try this year

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Flavoured coffees are like art. These flavours take an ordinary drink and make it extraordinary!

There are many reasons why many people like flavoured instant coffee. Many people like the extra flavour and taste that they can never get from their regular coffee. Others enjoy the drink because it gives them a jolt of energy which makes them feel refreshed. We love flavoured coffee! The way it tickles our taste buds with a hint of something extra is tantalisingly delicious.

We have picked out the 5 best flavours of coffee for you to try this year: 

Vanilla - Vanilla coffee is very popular especially now that it is easily accessible to everyone. It adds an interesting nuance to your cup. Among the many types of coffee flavours, vanilla tops the list of best flavoured coffees with its natural sweet notes that balances out the other more intense flavours in your coffee. The taste of vanilla flavoured coffee combines the subtle nuances of vanilla extract with the bold and distinctive aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The combination createsa sensory experience that anyone can appreciate whether they have a weakness for coffee or not.

Caramel - Caramel and coffee is a match made in heaven, and even a non-coffee drinker would be inclined to agree. We love the fusion of creamy, rich caramel and roasted coffee, that gives you a flavourful experience which lingers on your taste buds long after your cup of coffee is over. The rich, full-bodied experience is a result of this harmonious combination of caramel and coffee. Caramel flavoured instant coffee can be used to make the perfect latte, macchiato, frappuccino or even a steaming cup of black coffee that soothes your nerves.

Hazelnut - Hazelnut is a dark-roasted nut with a creamy and delicious texture and flavor. It adds complexity and character to your coffee. It  combines the complex flavour of nuts with an equally complex texture and aroma. On its own, it’s a mild, slightly nutty aroma with a hint of sweetness. The taste of hazelnut flavoured instant coffee is sweet, slightly creamy and toasted. It’s got that unique light roasted graininess that makes it so good in hot drinks. It’s also something that most people can’t resist getting into - even if they hate nuts!

Berry - Our berry flavour instant coffee is unique, flavorful, and perfect for when you need to hit refresh. This berry flavoured coffee is infused with the hint of sweet and juicy flavours of berries, and floral notes that give your coffee a bit of a fruity punch. The medium roast coffee is made with 100% Arabica and Robusta. It wakes your senses up without being strong enough to give you a caffeine rush. When you're in a playful mood, this berry coffee makes sure your taste buds have some fun!

Cocoa Mint - Yes, you read that right! We tried and tested the combination of cocoa and mint, and infused it with our coffee. The result made it to our list of 5 best coffee flavours that you have to try! Among the various types of coffee flavours that we tried, cocoa mint was the hidden star. Subtle and soothing, without taking away your kick of caffeine, this flavoured instant coffee makes the cocoa shine through the roasted coffee, and the end of each sip leaves you with a cool, minty aftertaste. This flavoured instant coffee is perfect for your post-dinner coffee cravings and your beautiful winter mornings.

If you like to experiment with your coffee, we would recommend you to try these 5 amazing instant coffee flavours before the year ends! We hope you’ll like our favourites just as much as we do. In case you don’t agree, you can always cleanse your palette with our original instant flavoured coffee. After all, there’s no such thing as too much coffee. Wouldn’t you agree?


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