Greek Frappe with Country Bean

Greek Frappe with Country Bean

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Physically we're here. Mentally we're walking down the lanes of Santorini, sipping on some delicious cold frappe!
This Greek Frappe recipe can make your days wholesome.

Ingredients -

Method -
- Add 1 tablespoon Country Bean instant coffee (the flavour of your choice), 1 tablespoon brown sugar and one fourth cup water to a glass. 
- Beat these ingredients until they are nice and foamy
- Fill the glass with some ice cubes. The more the merrier!
- Fill it the glass with chilled milk
- Stir and enjoy
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Greek Frappe is a perfect beverage for your coffee cravings. Be it morning laziness or evening delights, this drink can lift your mood instantly. This drink is easy to make and serve to your guests and office mates. Just 3 essential ingredients and you're good to go. Sip on it while you imagine yourself to be in the lanes of Greece, cold winds, beach views and a perfect drink in hand. 

You can support this drink with

  • some donuts or chocolates for a sweet tooth,
  • serve it with some twister sticks,
  • some healthy crackers that balance the flavors.

So why wait ? Make it now!

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