Hazelnut Latte but make it vegan

Hazelnut Latte but make it vegan

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This Vegan Hazelnut Latte recipe is the perfect pick-me-up coffee drink for mornings or afternoons. It comes together in less than five minutes and tastes just like, in fact even better than anything you’d get from a coffee shop! The best part? Hazelnut Latte isn't the only flavour you can use. You can make Vegan Latte with whichever flavour you choose. We recommend trying this recipe with Country Bean Instant Vanilla Coffee and Country Bean Instant Caramel Coffee as well.


2 teaspoons Country Bean Hazelnut Instant coffee
Coconut sugar or any vegan sweetener of choice 
One-fourth cup of water
Some ice cubes
Frothy almond milk or any vegan milk of your choice


- To a glass, add Country Bean hazelnut instant coffee and sweetener of choice.
- Add in one fourth cup of water and mix well.
- Pour chilled almond milk (or any vegan milk) half-way in your Country Bean Milk Frother.
- Plunge your frother rapidly for approximately thirty seconds or until nice and frothy.
- Finally, add in the ice cubes and frothy almond milk to your glass.
- Shake the glass well, let all the ingredients mix. Enjoy your cafe like cup at home!

Pro Tips

For the best vegan latte, use chilled milk with your Country Bean Milk Frother.

Stir your hazelnut coffee well before adding milk to the glass. 

For your vegan milk, you can try using oat milk, cashew milk, soy milk or any plant based milk of your choice.

For sweeteners, we've used coconut sugar but you can replace that with palm jaggery powder, honey or maple syrup.

Video & recipe by @butter.street

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