How to make dalgona coffee at home

How to make dalgona coffee at home

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It started as a Tik Tok trend at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and then exploded all over the internet at once. A delicious and exciting way to enjoy your coffee, the dalgona became everyone’s go-to drink in the past year. Everyone started making their own dalgona coffee at home and it became a rage. Even though more than a year has gone by, people are still searching for the perfect dalgona coffee recipe to make it at home.

Originating in South Korea, dalgona which means ‘whipped coffee’, became one of the most trending recipes of the past year. A fun challenge that gained popularity, everyone wanted to know how to make dalgona coffee at home in order to hop on to the trend. 

This frothy, iced coffee drink can be made by using some very basic ingredients like instant coffee powder, milk, sugar, hot water and ice cubes. You can make a hot version of this dalgona coffee at home as well. If you haven’t hopped on the dalgona coffee bandwagon yet, here’s your chance. 

How to make dalgona coffee at home - 


2 tbsps of Country Bean’s instant coffee powder

2 tbsps of sugar

2 tbsps of hot water

2 cups of milk

Ice cubes as per your requirement


Make your coffee mixture.

To prepare your coffee mixture, take a large bowl. Add 2 tbsps of Country Bean’s instant coffee powder, 2 tbsps of sugar and 2 tbsps of hot water.

Beat coffee using a blender or a whisk or by hand.

Whisk the coffee and sugar together for approximately 5 to 7 minutes till it forms stiff peaks. Using an electric whisk or blender is more convenient but you can whisk the mixture by hand as well. Mix well till your coffee has a smooth and silky texture. 

Preparing the dalgona coffee.

Take 2 glasses or coffee mugs and add ice cubes as per your requirement. Pour your cold milk into the glasses. Scoop up your dalgona coffee cream and add it to the top of your milk. Spread it evenly so that it covers the full glass. Serve chilled.

Pro Tips 

To get the best results for your dalgona coffee cream, it is recommended that you use instant coffee powder over other forms of coffee.

For a vegan-friendly option, you can use almond milk or soy milk for your dalgona coffee recipe.

For an unsweetened dalgona coffee, feel free to skip the sugar while beating your coffee. However, you must keep in mind that when you beat coffee without sugar, it does not stay fluffy for too long. 

Sprinkle some cocoa powder over your dalgona coffee before serving for an added flavour. 

If you want a flavoured dalgona coffee, you can substitute Country Bean’s original instant coffee powder with one of our flavoured instant coffees like hazelnut, caramel, vanilla or any others. We recommend trying it out with our bestselling Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee.

You can use the same recipe to make your hot dalgona coffee. All you have to do is boil the milk and add your whipped coffee cream mixture to your milk. 

You can experiment with different quantities of each ingredient according to your taste preferences. If you want to try something more exciting than just plain black coffee, then this recipe for an iced dalgona coffee is an excellent place to start. Once you make your own dalgona coffee at home, we are sure you would not want to try anything else!

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