We made oat milk at home in less than 5 minutes - here's how

We made oat milk at home in less than 5 minutes - here's how

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Why should vegans miss out on a delicious cup of coffee? Now make a delicious cup of iced coffee at home with some homemade oat milk.

This recipe requires lesser than 10 minutes to make and the end result is absolutely amazing.

Now you can say goodbye to expensive store bought oat milk, and swap to this full proof easy recipe instead.


1/4 cup oats

1 cup water

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

Ice cubes

1 tsp Country Bean Vanilla Coffee

1/4 cup water

Sugar as desired 


In a blender, add the oats cup of oats, a cup of water, vanilla extract, pinch of salt.

Blend it together for 2-3 minutes until the oats have completely dissolved.

Strain the blended oat mix using a muslin cloth. 

In case there are a few lumps left, you would have to perform this step twice.

Prepare an espresso shot by combining the instant coffee with water and giving it a good mix.

Now, in an another glass add the ice cubes and the espresso.

Pour in the homemade oat milk.

Add any form of sweetener based on your preference.

Stir and enjoy!

Pro Tips

The remaining pulp from the oats milk could be used to make muffins, cakes, brownies or banana bread.

One could even use the oats residue to make over night oats with it.

You could even use it to make some fruit based smoothies.

If you do not wish to consume the oat milk pulp, you could use it as an oats scrub or mask!

Credits: @xtheaestheticeyex

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