Beat the heat guilt-free with this iced coffee recipe

Beat the heat guilt-free with this iced coffee recipe

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Who doesn't love Iced Coffee? Its the perfect drink for these sluggish days. 

So, now enjoy your Iced Coffee guilt-free with this super delicious and easy recipe.


2 tsp Country Bean Hazelnut Coffee

3-4tsp Palm Jaggery Powder

Ice cubes


Chilled Milk


In a glass, add lots of ice.

Add Country Bean Hazelnut coffee, jaggery powder and water.

Mix it well.

Pour in the milk and stir it well!

Pro tips

You could also use Stevia, Honey, or Maple Syrup instead.

You could make this recipe with another flavor like caramel coffee as well.

(If you use Country Bean's Caramel Coffee, it would add another layer of natural sweetness to your coffee without any extra calories)

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