Make Irish Coffee no Whipped Cream - Simple and Quick

Make Irish Coffee no Whipped Cream - Simple and Quick

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Trust your intuition. It says you need this drink right now!
Country Bean brings to you the recipe for a sophisticated and stately drink for all your coffee cravings. Irish Coffee no Whipped Cream recipe.

Ingredients -

Method -
- Add 1 tablespoon Country Bean instant coffee (the flavour of your choice) to the glass
- Add 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 1 teaspoon chocolate syrup and 2 tablespoon Irish whiskey
- Add 1/2 cup water to the glass and stir all these ingredients well.
- Fill the glass with some chilled milk. You can also use vegan or non dairy milk to substitute regular milk in your coffee.
- Stir and enjoy
To make your coffee frothier, you can use the Country Bean Milk Frother. This award-winning frother makes your coffee frothy and foamy that gives your coffee a cafe-like texture. With Country Bean, it's easy to get that starbucks or barista experience at the comfort of your home. To make your milk frothy, you must add chilled milk half way into the frother. Plunge the frother rapidly for 30 seconds and enjoy the foam spill out of the frother.

Irish Coffee without whipped cream is a drink that speaks dignified. Ditch your regular beverages and serve this to your guests to make a better statement at your house parties. 

You can support this drink with

  • cinnamon rolls or,
  • some healthy crackers that balance the flavors.

Whether its your friend's bachelors or your office party. This drink surely is a mood maker for anyone who consumes it. Enjoy the goodness of coffee along with the rich irish whiskey flavor.
So why wait further? Make it now!

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