The secret to making the frothiest hot coffee is out.

The secret to making the frothiest hot coffee is out.

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Who doesn't love a frothy cup of hot coffee to keep themselves warm on chilly winter mornings? But every time you crave a rich and foamy cup of coffee, you have to go to a cafe. Coffee at home is usually dull and flat - it's no fun at all. Not anymore.

We're going to share our best kept secret to make the frothiest cup of coffee at home in less than 10 minutes.


1 tbsp Country Bean coffee (of choice)

Sugar as per taste

200ml of hot milk

Country Bean Milk Frother


To make this coffee, make sure that your milk is boiling hot, for the best results.

Start with pouring your super hot milk into the Country Bean Milk Frother. Add your Country Bean coffee and sugar into the frother. Now cover the Milk Frother with the plunger and plunge your milk till a thick layer of foam appears. 

Pour your super frothy hot coffee into your favourite cup and enjoy!


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