No-fuss Hazelnut Latte in a jiffy

No-fuss Hazelnut Latte in a jiffy

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Today we encourage you to make this super simple hazelnut latte at home - perfect to get you out of that afternoon slump. All you need is a few minutes and ta-da...

With this recipe, you won't be missing cafe coffee anytime soon.


1 tbsp Hazelnut Country Bean coffee

1-2 tbsp water

1 cup hot milk

1 tbsp sugar (if required)


In a cup, add coffee and water, whip until smooth.                                                            

Add sugar as per taste.                                                                                            

Add hot milk and mix well. (You could even use frothed hot milk to make it smooth and creamy)                                                                                                                   

Sprinkle some coffee or cocoa powder on top

This latte is a perfect pick for coffee lovers! You can relish it at any time of the day.

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