The perfect sugar replacement to enjoy your coffee guilt-free

The perfect sugar replacement to enjoy your coffee guilt-free

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Are you struggling between making healthy choices and the guilt of giving up something you love? Many coffee lovers grudgingly give up coffee just to avoid the sugar. Such drastic changes are not only tough to sustain but can get in the way of making healthy, consistent lifestyle changes.

So why give up on your favourite morning cuppa coffee just for the few spoons of sugar you add to it? Allow us to suggest to you a promising, all-natural alternative to sugar that will sweeten your coffee.

Why Palm Jaggery?

Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener often found in Indian kitchens. It is unrefined sugar obtained from unfermented palm tree sap by boiling the liquid in large vessels. By following a natural extraction process, the natural minerals are retained, and no preservatives are added making it a healthier choice as well!

However, palm jaggery is not as sweet as sugar, but the hints of caramel in it give off a unique taste and flavor.

It comes in various color grades ranging from light brown to dark, but most of them have a dark, molasses-like color and are available as a solid block or powder. Like sugar, it can quickly absorb moisture so you might want to store it in a dry, airtight container.


  • It’s a natural sugar supplement.
  • Helps burn fat and reduce sugar cravings. It contains the touch of nature, which helps to heal you with zero side-effects.
  • Has natural cleansing properties that aid digestion, eliminates toxins and relieves constipation.
  • A home remedy to treat dry cold coughs, hiccups and migraines. Due to its mineral content, it also helps reduce water retention, bloating and lower blood pressure.

    If you enjoy coffee, sweetening with palm jaggery is a great guilt-free option with added health benefits. Get ready to indulge yourself in your favorite cup of coffee, now loaded with many minerals and antioxidants! Take a look at Country Bean’s palm jaggery powder, carefully sourced for the best quality, and to become your coffee’s new best friend.

    Palm Jaggery Powder 250g

    Palm Jaggery Powder 250g

    Rs. 299

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