Now is the time to try this magical butterfly pea flower latte

Now is the time to try this magical butterfly pea flower latte

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A soothing and delicious recipe that is filled with antioxidants and perfect for slow days. The butterfly pea flower, particularly known for its ability to change colours depending on the pH is a complete mood enhancer.

Don’t believe us? Try and discover it for yourself!


7-10 Butterfly pea flower pods, small scoop generous amount of water (for steeping the Butterfly Pea Flower pod)

Chilled Milk

Ice Cubes

1/2 cup of water for the Espresso

1 tsp Country Bean Hazelnut Coffee

Country Bean Milk Frother


Take a glass and add Butterfly pea flower in hot water. Let it rest for some time.                                             

Strain once the water that has turned a beautiful blue.                                                                                

Add ice in another glass, pour the magic coloured water and some chilled milk.                                             

Froth a shot of espresso in the Country Bean Milk Frother, add it in the glass and wait to see the magic unfold!

Recipe & Video credits: @journalingskiesandmore

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