Ombre Mocha: The most Insta-Worthy Coffee ever!

Ombre Mocha: The most Insta-Worthy Coffee ever!

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This recipe is a dream come true for all the coffee lovers out there - Iced Ombré Mocha! It's a delicious and mouth-watering coffee drink recipe that’s sure to touch all the right chords of your chocolate and coffee craving. Let's get started. 



Chocolate Syrup 

Chilled Milk 

Country Bean Milk Frother 

Country Bean Hazelnut Coffee 



In a glass, add some chocolate syrup.

Froth chilled milk in Country Bean Milk Frother for 10-12 seconds.

Pour in the frothed milk in the glass.

Place a spoon on top of the froth and slowly pour the espresso (made with Country Bean Hazelnut coffee and water) on top of the spoon and enjoy!

Pro Tips

In order to achieve this Iced Ombré Mocha effect, always add the coffee last.

Top off your coffee with as many toppings as you like to make this super decadent and rich!
You can add some whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce!

Recipe & Video credits: @journalingskiesandmore

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