This Spiced Dalgona Iced Latte will blow your mind!

This Spiced Dalgona Iced Latte will blow your mind!

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Dalgona coffee is one trend we’re all gonna swear by, aren't we? We discovered this trend during the ‘lockdown’ and have been whipping coffee with our variations ever since. Today we’re sharing an interesting take on the basic Dalgona recipe - Spiced Iced Latte.

Fun Fact: The term “Dalgona” comes from a Korean street snack tasting like toffee honeycomb. Some people even refer to it as “Indian Cappuccino”

We're sure this recipe will double your love for this whipped coffee, so let’s start whipping!


2 tsp Country Bean Vanilla coffee

2 tsp sugar

2 tsp all-spice powder

2 tsp hot water

1 cup chilled milk

Ice cubes


  • In a cup add Country Bean Vanilla coffee, sugar, all spice powder and hot water.              
  • Whip till colour changes and forms soft peaks.                                                            
  • In another glass/cup, add some ice cubes, chilled milk, the whipped spiced Dalgona and enjoy!

Pro tips

Don’t worry if you don’t have “All spice powder”. You can simply make it by combining equal quantities of powdered cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

If you want a healthier variant, swap the sugar with some honey or jaggery powder.

The possibilities with Dalgona coffee are endless, you can add some cocoa, peppermint or vanilla extract too!

Recipe and Video Credits - @thebakerbaby

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