The PERFECT movie night Caramel Popcorn Latte

The PERFECT movie night Caramel Popcorn Latte

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If you love watching movies, we have the perfect treat made from your all time favorite movie snack- Caramel Popcorn. It’s so delicious that one glass surely won't be enough!

Ingredients & Equipment 

1 packet of caramel popcorn

Chilled milk

1tsp Country Bean Caramel coffee

Water for espresso

Sugar syrup (optional)

Country Bean Milk Frother


Froth chilled milk in Country Bean Milk Frother for 10-12 seconds and keep it aside

In a glass add lots of ice, espresso made with Country Bean Caramel coffee and water. Mix well.

Add chilled, frothed milk from Country Bean Milk Frother

Now add sugar syrup (optional), top it with your favourite caramel popcorn and it’s ready!

Recipe & Video credits : @xtheaestheticeyex

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