Make a Pancake Syrup Macchiato - try something different!

Make a Pancake Syrup Macchiato - try something different!

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Who doesn't love a good macchiato at the end of a long day? I know I do. It's sweet, strong and tastes incredible when it's chilled. To make your own Pancake syrup macchiato at home, here's what you can do:


1 tsp Country Bean Original Instant coffee

Milk of your choice (chilled)

Drizzle of Maple syrup

1 cup water

Ice cubes


- Add 1 tsp of Country Bean Original Instant coffee

- Add 1 cup water to the coffee and mix well or until the coffee dissolves

- Fill your Country Bean Milk Frother with chilled milk of your choice and plunge rapidly for 30 seconds or until the milk becomes nice and frothy

- Add ice cubes to a glass and drizzle maple syrup over it

- Pour your frothy milk to the glass, followed by the coffee mixture

- Stir it well to mix the milk and coffee in your glass

- Enjoy chilled!

Pro Tips

You can use your choice of milk to make this pancake syrup macchiato recipe at home. For vegan options, you can try using oat milk, soy milk or almond milk or any other vegan milk of your choice.

For the best and frothiest results, make sure that the milk is extremely chilled before frothing it. 

You can top off your macchiato with a drizzle of caramel sauce or a dollop of whipped cream if you feel like sprucing up your macchiato a little.

Video & recipe by @coffeenextdoor_

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