Iced Vanilla Latte for the win!

Iced Vanilla Latte for the win!

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There's nothing quite like having a chilled glass of Vanilla Latte on a hot summer day. It’s creamy and sweet both at the same time - perfect for that afternoon slump or evening cafe-coffee craving. Try this recipe (with an oh-so easy hack) and enjoy!


2 small scoop vanilla ice cream

2 tsp Country Bean Vanilla coffee

Milk cold foam

1/2 cup water


Sugar as per taste


In a glass, add water and country bean coffee. Mix until dissolved.

In a separate glass jar, add vanilla ice cream and espresso. Shake until smooth.

Take another glass and add lots of ice cubes, the mixture and milk cold foam.

Sprinkle some coffee powder for great taste and enjoy!

Recipe & Video credits : @journalingskiesandmore

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