Reusing glass jars is always trending!

Reusing glass jars is always trending!

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The best thing about glass jars is that you can keep recycling and reusing them. Glass jars trend in every season. From your kitchen's storage containers to the perfect handmade gift for your loved ones, they are infinitely useful. If you're worried about the varied labels they come with, all you have to do is boil them in water and all the sticky labels come out easily.

Here are 7 ways to re-cycle your Country Bean Glass Jars -

  1. Spice Jar

    Remove your dissimilar spice containers and shift to glass jars. Change how your kitchen looks. With vibrant colors and shapes, enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen shelves.

  2. The terrarium

    Start a little garden, wherever you want. These jars are perfect for in-house plants like succulents or bamboo. You can relocate them or even take them on a road trip with you. 

  3. DIY Candles

    Don't wish to buy expensive candles this year? Create your own candles in these glass jars. All you need is Wax and Candle Wicks. You can also use existing candles, melt them and set it in these jars. 
    Pro Tip - Add a few drops of essential oils to create the perfect scented candles for your room!
  4. Coin bank / Piggy bank

    There's just too much coins lying around you. In your wallet, in your drawer, near your vases. Grab a glass jar and keep all these coins in one place. Your little piggy bank is ready motivates you to save more for your next trip!

  5. Detoxify

    Infused with the flavours of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, detox water is the healthiest use of your tumbler or glass jars. You can keep it simple with only lemons and mint leaves or add all kinds of nutritious and citrus fruits. With small jars, you could make one detox jar for each person in the house.

  6. Gift Jar

    Paint it, wrap it, Hang it - there is so much you can do with glass jars to make them the perfect handmade gift for your loved ones. You can add love notes to it, do some glass panting over it, create a hanging pot out of it, or simply add some stuff and create a jar hamper out of it.

    7. Brush Holder

    Glass jars serve as the perfect storage containers. They are sturdy, transparent and convenient.
    It works best for art lovers as they can keep their art supplies in full display. Different brush sizes, colours, equipments - there is so much to use. Closed opaque boxes make it difficult to store such supplies.

    For more ideas on how to reuse our glass jars, click here.

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