Who's the stronger one? Arabica or robusta?

Who's the stronger one? Arabica or robusta?

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It's important to know what you put into your body, especially when it's part of your daily routine. Most people drink coffee every day but are unaware of what they're drinking and the quality of the coffee beans. The coffee that you consume on a regular basis is made of one of the two types of beans - arabica or robusta. In the battle between Arabica vs Robusta, we're here to help you decide which is stronger and better for you.

Origin -

Arabica coffee, one of the most popular types of coffee, comes from a Coffea arabica plant, the origins of which are in Ethiopia. Robusta coffee on the other hand, is made from the Coffea canephora plant, the origins of which are in Africa. 

Arabica or Robusta? Which is better?

Arabica and Robusta beans are the two different types of coffee beans that are grown commercially worldwide. Even though they are the same in terms of when they are harvested, roasted and eventually brewed, the similarities between the two end there. They are rather different when it comes to the taste, their growing environment, as well as quality.

Taste - 

Very often the taste of Robusta is described as burnt and harsh. Arabica beans on the other hand, have an extensive taste ranging from sweet to sharp. Roasted arabica beans contain notes of fruit and sugar tones. Another reason why the taste of Robusta is not as good as when compared to Arabica is due to its caffeine content. Robusta contains more caffeine than Arabica, which may sound like a good thing but it really isn't. Caffeine has a bitter taste which lends an unpleasant hint to coffee. Robusta contains almost double the caffeine that Arabica does. Arabica contains 60% more lipids and double the sugar concentration than Robusta, which is probably why you like the rich taste of Arabica more. 

Growing environment - 

Robusta beans are easier to farm and can be grown at low altitudes of 200-800 metres. They have a higher yield and are less sensitive to insects and pests - the high caffeine in Robusta beans acts as a chemical defense for the coffee seeds as the quantity of caffeine in Robusta is toxic to bugs. On the contrary, Arabica beans are fragile and require cool, subtropical climates in order to grow. They require plenty of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun. These beans require higher elevation of 600-2000 metres. 

Quality -

As far as quality is concerned, Arabica is hands-down the most premium coffee that you can find in the market. Even though Robusta is found to be cheaper, not only is it worse for the environment but also your tastebuds. Instant coffee made using Arabica beans has a smoother and richer taste compared to Robusta coffee which is harsher on the tastebuds. Since it's harder to grow, Arabica is more expensive than Robusta. Some brands often mix Robusta with their Arabica, which ultimately results in a bad cup of coffee.

If it came down to choosing between Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, the winner will always be Arabica flavoured coffee powder, irrespective of what the parameters are for judging the same. If you want to savour a good cup of joe, you should keep your eyes open for coffee that's made with 100% freeze-dried arabica instant coffee.

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