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Chat with us on our website or drop us an email on support@countrybean.in mentioning your order number and we will be happy to help. Please note that your order can be cancelled upto 30 minutes from when the order has been placed as after that it moves to ready to dispatch stage. 

Refunds are typically processed within 7 days from the date of cancellation. If you do not receive your refund within 7 working days, please chat with us or email us at support@countrybean.in. 

Please email us an image of the product received along with your order number on support@countrybean.in. We will be happy to send you a replacement. 

Did we miss an item in your order? Please email us on support@countrybean.in along with your order number. We will be happy to send across the missing item to you.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on food and beverage products. If you receive a broken or damaged product, please email us on support@countrybean.in and we will be happy to send you a replacement. 

Please email us an image of the broken/damaged product along with your order number on support@countrybean.in within 48 hours of delivery. We will be happy to send you a replacement. 

Yes, COD is available. However, we have a nominal charge based on the COD amount. 

We accept Cash on Delivery, Paytm, UPI (Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM etc.), Net Banking, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express cards issued by banks in India and abroad. 

If you haven't received the order confirmation in your inbox, you might want to check your spam or trash folder. If you still don't find the email, do not hesitate to write to us at support@countrybean.in. 

We recommend checking our bestseller bundle. https://www.countrybean.in/collections/combo/products/bestseller-coffee-bundle-. It is a collection of some of our most popular flavours.  

Please click here to view our gifting catalogue: https://www.countrybean.in/collections/festive-gifting 

Sure, please navigate to your shopping cart to add a gift message (up to 70 characters). 

We do not have an option for gift wrapping at the moment. Click here to view our gifting catalogue instead https://www.countrybean.in/collections/festive-gifting 

Orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 working days. Once dispatched, the tracking details will be emailed to you. Please chat with us or email us at support@countrybean.in if you are unable to track your order. 

Depending on your location orders are typically delivered in 4-6 working days. 

Please email us on support@countrybean.in with your order number and updated address before your order is dispatched. We will do our best to help! 

We offer free shipping on all orders above Rs. 399. A nominal fee is charged for cash on delivery.  

We do not have International Shipping presently, we hope to enable it soon. 

We do provide GST bills with every order, but presently we do not have the facility to incorporate individual GST numbers. However, we aim to provide the facility soon. 

Our coffee is made with 100% freeze-dried arabica coffee granules. The coffee is blended with natural and nature-identical flavouring. It contains no added sugar, dairy, preservatives or any artificial additives. 

Country Bean contains caffeine. We do not have a decaf option at the moment. 

Our jars contain 50g of coffee and make about 25 cups.  

Our coffee has only 5 calories per serving 

Yes, absolutely. Just add some hot water to 1 heaped teaspoon of Country Bean coffee. 

Country Bean coffee is super easy to make:

Take 1 heaped teaspoon of our coffee powder

Add hot milk for lattes or cold milk for frappés (use hot water for black coffee)

Add sugar as per taste

Mix the ingredients and voila!

Here is a link to some of our favourite recipes: https://www.countrybean.in/pages/coffee-recipes 

Freeze-dried coffee is extremely smooth and has no bitter aftertaste. When coffee is freeze-dried it retains all its flavour and aroma, compared to spray-dried coffee which loses most of its flavour. 

To know more about the difference between the two, read our blog on the difference between freeze-dried coffee and spray-dried coffee: https://www.countrybean.in/a/blog/freeze-dried-vs-spray-dried-coffee-whats-the-main-difference 

Our instant coffee has a shelf life of 18 months. However, we would advise you to consume it within 3 months of breaking the seal.  

Our instant coffee contains approx. 57mg of caffeine in one heaped teaspoon. 

We grow our single origin coffee in the finest coffee estates of South India.

Our Instant Coffee is made with 100% freeze-dried premium arabica coffee. It contains no chicory. 

Each jar of coffee makes approximately 25 cups. (2g of coffee per cup) 

Click the link below to view the simple guide on how to use our Milk Frother to attain a frothy cafe-like cup of coffee at home!


Yes, the milk frother works with all kind of milk, dairy and non dairy. 

Click the link below to view the simple guide on how to assemble our Milk Frother to attain a frothy cafe-like cup of coffee at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajUkf85u6bk 

Country Bean Milk Frother can be cleaned used soap and warm water. Make sure to clean between the double mesh. 

To obtain a beautiful foamy cup of coffee, use either extremely hot or chilled milk in the frother. 

Click below to watch a simple guide on how to fix the milk frother when the knob gets stuck: https://youtu.be/6I684RjJWSk 

Yes, our milk frother comes with a 1 year warranty. 

Yes, the frother is super durable and sturdy. It is made of premium grade stainless steel. 

Yes,the non-stick interior, removable whisk and lid make cleaning super easy. 

We use Dark Couverture Buttons(cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, soya lecithin), Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Cornflour and Salt. 

The hot chocolate has a shelf life of 9 months. 

No, it contains 5.32gms of sugar per 20gm serving. 

To make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, take 2 heaped tablespoons in a medium sized cup. Add hot boiling milk and stir well. Top it with marshmallows or whipped cream. https://www.countrybean.in/a/blog/try-this-incredibly-creamy-rich-hot-chocolate 

Our Hot Chocolate has 94kcal, per serving of 20gms. 

Our Hot Chocolate contains soy which is a known allergen. However, we would advise you to check the ingredients list. 

Each box of hot chocolate makes about 10-12 cups. 

You can use any type of dairy or non-dairy milk to make a cup of Country Bean hot chocolate. For a vegan option, you can use any plant-based milk of your choice.  

No, the Irish Whiskey flavour is a non-alcoholic drink.

 It's just one of our flavours, we use FSSAI-approved food flavouring (non-alcocholic).

Yes, it does as we use actual coffee powder in this blend.

The ingredients used in hot chocolate are hot chocolate powder, dark chocolate buttons, natural and nature identical flavouring. We do not use any artificial flavours.

Some of our drinkware is made in India, and some are imported. 

To clean our drinkware, wash it with water and soap. Rinse it thoroughly, and pat it dry. Since some of our drinkware is made with natural materials, make sure you dry it in direct sunlight to kill any kind of bacteria. 

Country Bean's flask has thermal insulation performance of upto 6 to 8 hours. 

Country Bean flask has maximum capacity of 500 ml. 

Hot liquids must be avoided. It's perfect for warm/cold liquid. 

Yes, our tumbler comes with a straw. 

Country Bean tumbler is made of Borosilicate glass with a silicon sleeve. 

Country Bean tumbler has maximum capacity of 480ml. 

It is made of SS 304 grade. 

Bamboo is a natural material. Like any other bamboo-based products, we recommend keeping the cap dry after use to ensure adequate care. You can gently clean it with soap and water and leave it outside in the sun for an afternoon to remove the odour. 

Since bamboo is a natural material, it may grow fungus if it is left moist or wet. The best way to remove any fungus from your bamboo lid is to clean the area with a damp cloth. Use a solution of vinegar and water or a mixture of lemon and salt, apply it on the affected area and scrub well. You'll notice that the fungus will start to come off. Once it's all gone, just rinse it with water and then let it dry in direct sunlight. 

Yes, our tumblers have a silicon sleeve which make it very easy to carry and use, without worrying about it slipping from your hands. 

Our tumbler lid has a small opening that needs to be pierced before use. It automatically shuts when the straw is removed. However, there may be minor spills since the opening can't be resealed once pierced.  

Yes, our flask comes with a detachable strainer.

Yes, our flasks have a condensation-free and sweat-proof exterior.

Yes, our flasks are spill-proof and travel-friendly. 

The coffee mugs are made of ceramic.

Yes, our mugs are completely microwave-safe.

Yes, our mugs are dishwasher-safe.

Our coffee coasters are made with 100% natural cork. 

Yes, our coffee-coasters are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Our coffee coasters come in a set of 4. 

Our vacuum jug is made of glass and PP, attached with a wooden handle for better grip.

The jug can keep your drinks insulated for more than 12 hours.

The jug can keep your drinks insulated for more than 12 hours.

Our Coffee glasses are heat resistant. You can use it for both hot and cold beverages.

Our coffee glass is heat resistant but we recommend not using it in the microwave.

Our reusable Travel Mug has an anti-splash lid design. However, there may be minor spills since the drinking mouthpiece cannot be sealed.

The sleeve is made of silicone making it heat resistant and creating a sweat-proof outer body. The mug is made of BPA and lead free material.

No, it is not insulated. 

This cup comes with a leak-proof lid, making it perfect for carrying your favorite hot or cold beverages on the go. The silicone sleeve ensures a comfortable grip, preventing accidental spills and making it easy to hold even when your hands are busy.

Yes, it is spill proof. This cup comes with a leak-proof lid, making it perfect for carrying your favorite hot or cold beverages on the go.

Our Keep Cups are also incredibly easy to clean, simply rinse them with soap and water, and they're good to go.


Crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo fibers, the natural material gives it a rustic and earthy charm, making it an ideal choice for those who love to embrace sustainable living.

Yes, it is dishwasher safe.

The gift boxes are customizable for bulk orders. The MOQ for customization of gift boxes is 100.

To place a bulk order, you could email us on partner@countrybean.in to reach the concerned department. 

Yes, to add a gift message, add the box to your cart and select the add a gift message option there. 

Changing the flavour of the product in the gift box will not be possible currently. 

It is generally delivered within 2-4 working days of placing the order. 

Honey should be kept in the original container in which it came and should be stored at room temperature.

Honey is a healthy substitute for refined sugars. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that you won't find in sugar. However, you should consult with your doctor before adding it to your diet.

Our honey is 100% natural, sourced straight from the beehives. There are no added ingredients in our honey. Each variety showcases the unique flavour that comes naturally from the floral source.

Honey acts as a fuel to make the liver produce glucose. This glucose keeps the brain's sugar levels high and forces it to release fat-burning hormones. However, you should consult with your nutritionist or gym trainer before adding it to your diet.

No, honey does not have an expiry date, though it can still undergo some natural changes. However, we advise you to consume it within 36 months from the date of packaging.

Yes, our drinking chocolate is safe for kids. However, it's important to keep in mind that it should be consumed in moderation.

Our Drinking chocolate is healthier than other health drinks available in the market. As it is made with 60% less sugar and premium-quality cocoa powder. However, it's still important to consume it in moderation.

It's recommended that kids consume no more than one small cup (200ml) of drinking chocolate per day.

Our Drinking Chocolate contains - Cocoa Powder, Couverture Buttons (Cocoa, Cocoa liquor, Cocoa butter, Added Natural Flavour, and Sugar.

Kids with lactose intolerance can enjoy drinking chocolate made with non-dairy milk alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk.

Yes, you can serve drinking chocolate cold by refrigerating it after making it, or by blending it with ice cubes to make a chilled chocolate smoothie.

Decaf coffee, short for decaffeinated coffee, is coffee that has had most of its caffeine content removed. It is made from coffee beans, but the caffeine is extracted through various methods.

While decaf coffee is not entirely caffeine-free, it contains less than 0.1% caffeine which is significantly less caffeine than regular coffee. We use an advanced liquid CO2-based process to ensure that your cup of decaf tastes just like "the real thing".

Yes, our Decaf coffee is freeze-dried. Freeze-dried coffee is considered a premium quality drying technique as it retains more of the original flavour and aroma of the coffee. Additionally, since the freeze-drying process removes most of the moisture from the coffee, it is able to retain its freshness and flavour for much longer periods of time. 

Each jar of coffee makes approximately 25 cups. (2g of coffee per cup).

Country Blend combines the strength of high-quality Robusta with the smoothness of Arabica beans, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds. Perfect for those who like their coffee strong and intense. Whereas, Country Bean Arabica is made with 100% specialty Arabica beans and is freeze-dried at -40 °C. This process retains the aroma and flavour which results in no bitter aftertaste and offers a smooth and luxurious taste. 

Freeze-dried coffee is made by freezing brewed coffee and then removing the water through a special process. It keeps the flavour and aroma intact. Spray-dried coffee, on the other hand, is made by spraying hot, concentrated coffee onto hot air, which dries it quickly resulting in a lighter and more soluble powder form.

Both freeze-dried and spray-dried coffee have their own unique flavours and qualities, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the flavour of freeze-dried coffee because it often retains more of the original coffee taste. Others enjoy the convenience of spray-dried coffee, which dissolves quickly in hot water. Give both a try and see which one you like best.

Our Country Bean Blend instant coffee contains approx 3.8% of caffeine in one 50g jar.

Each box contains 9 pieces of eggless brownies.

Yes, the brownies are 100% eggless.

It contains butter, white chocolate, cocoa, refined wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, coffee beans, hazelnut, milk, vanilla flavouring and leavening agent.
Allergen advice: Product is manufactured in a facility which uses nuts, eggs, milk and milk products.

Use by 5 days from the date of packaging.