Causes of Coffee hardening

Causes of Coffee hardening

Incase you are facing issues like hardening of the coffee because of moisture, here are some preventive measure you can take:


After opening the instant coffee jar, keep the jar away from high heat. Difference in heat causes release of water molecules from the coffee crystals which in turn causes hardening of the coffee. We recommend storing our coffee jars in cool place.


Keep away from light/sunlight, i.e , store in a dark place.

3. AIR.

After opening the coffee jar, when the bottle is gradually emptied, the air space is more. This increases the chances of hardening of coffee. Avoid keeping the jar open for too long. The cap must be made closed in such a way that no air seeps in. Avoid using a moist spoon to scoop the coffee from the jar.


Do not store bottle in a refrigerator because thawing causes condensation of water which causes hardening of the coffee.

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