The easy way to make some delicious Dalgona coffee

The easy way to make some delicious Dalgona coffee

If you haven't heard about Dalgona coffee yet, turns out that you are taking social isolation a bit too far. It's all the rage on social media these days. What's even better - you don't have to step out to make yourself a delicious cup of this beauty. 

So what exactly is Dalgona coffee

Think of it like a reverse latte. Where the coffee is replaced with iced milk, and the steamed milk is replaced with coffee froth. If you like your coffee sweet and milky, you are gonna love this. Dalgona coffee gets its name from a famous Korean street candy of the same name. You can enjoy it hot or cold. To make the coffee frothy use a hand frother, blender or mixer. If you don't have any of these at home use a spoon and keep beating it for a few minutes till the coffee is nice and creamy.  

This video recipe will break it down for you

Make it even better

What's better than a Dalgona coffee? A hazelnut, caramel or vanilla Dalgona coffee.

Get them here

Try your own recipe and challenge your friends

We'd like to brighten up your day, so we're giving away Country Bean coffee hampers worth Rs. 2000 each to 3 winners!

All you need to do is-

1. Post a picture or video of your Dalgona coffee on Instagram
2. Follow and tag @countrybeancoffee in your post/story
3. Tag 3 friends and ask them to try it




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