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Vanilla Instant Coffee 50g
Kiruthika Umapathy

Love it

Can’t get over of its taste .. ❤️

The taste of hazelnut is beyond the expectations.. loved by me and my guests too❤️the confusion is am I addicted to this or this coffee is addicted to me 😁.. must try it 👌🏻

Orange Delight!

Loved the mixture of aromatic oranges and dark chocolate. Divine!🍊🍫

Fun tip:
Coffee-lovers must add a teaspoon of the mix as the milk boils. Pour this over your coffee and Voilà!! ☕

IG: @Kartso_24

Now I'm obsessed with hot chocolate

This is so good man, usually I like your caramel coffee. I brought this out of curiosity but now think this was the only good decision I made in 2022 it's so easy to make and taste is amazing 😍😍

The best Irish Whiskey Hot Chocolate

Its winter's in Punjab. Was craving for a yum cup of hot chocolate. A friend of mine suggested i try their peppermint hot chocolate that she loved. But the moment i saw irish whiskey i knew this one was for my taste. It was sold out launch. So i had to wait for the restocking. And once that happened. Must say i was impressed with the flavour. It does taste like irish whiskey. Have already finished half the tin🤣 and am looking forward to grab another once its restocked again. The downside....its kinds pricey so a star less.

Experience like never before

I am in love with the aroma and taste of this coffee. Thankyou soo much country bean for this amazing delight. Looking forward to try the other varieties as well.💜

so yummy and super fresh.
love it !!!

Fantastic taste

I like the taste very much. Similar taste till last sip. Fantastic service experience.

First ever flavored Coffee that I tried

Vanilla and caramel are some of my favorite flavors out there. And it's combination with my morning coffee makes it the best part of my day! This flavors are indeed worth a try!

Flavour box

I have tried 3 of the 5 flavours provided. And they are amazing in taste. Actually it brings cafe at home✨

Coffee Glass with Straw


Taste was soo good …!!
Em soo happy ♥️♥️
Loved it😋

I’ve always wanted to try out this coffee flavour. The coffee was excellent.
But I felt it had more of a strawberry flavour compared to a strawberry cheesecake flavour.
Nonetheless - I drink it everyday and I’m enjoying it.
Tastes best with hot milk♥️

SOMETHING DIFFERENT (in a good way🌼)

The filter coffee kit is a really nice idea - decoction + borosil glass and straw.
The glass is a really good quality glass. Hands down the best.
If you want to try something different besides the regular filter coffee - you can try this out - best had with hot milk - loved the flavour of the coffee.
Not too bitter + perfect strength.
The hazelnut flavour is so pronounced - it’s like drinking a hazelnut flavoured coffee candy♥️
Although - you will not get the typical filter coffee bitterness from this decoction.
All together - filter coffee with a complete twist.

Awesome Product

Loved it, Hazelnut Flavour is a must, try it.

Berry Instant Coffee 50g
Vaibhavi Desai

I Love Berry & Hazelnut Flavour ❤️😋

Caramel Instant Coffee 50g
Avirup Chakraborty
Tastes really nice.

I have tried almost all the available brands, I found country bean very soothing and the flavors are on the right note. As a coffee drinker, I recommend such beautifully crafted coffee. and thank you for the lovely offer. Country Bean is much better than rage brand.

Milk frother

It is one of my best purchases so far. More than 100 percent satisfied with this product. Must buy if you are a froth lover ❤️❤️❤️

Absolutely loved the product. Keeps the beverage warm for 5hrs at the least. Received a damaged product initially, but was replaced by the team immediately.
Only complaint I have is, it somehow left a stain on day one of use itself.
But overall, very happy with the product and service.

Purest form of Joy ✨

I am absolutely in love with the Country Bean Coffee. I accidentally saw an ad of Country Bean Coffee a few months back while I was searching for a Good Quality Coffee. And ever since I had the first sip of the Hazelnut Filter Coffee, I am eager to taste all other products as well. An amazing product for a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning and best suit for cold coffees. Absolute fan of Country Bean from last few months ❤️

I so so love this flavour

It has replaced my prev favorite vanilla flavour. Love it the most😇


Best after orange choco flavour!! Smells incredible


Just loved this flavour . Please make this limited edition a regular flavour 😍


Very nice product... love it❤️

Superb experience

The apparatus is superb in all possible aspects of usage. Easy to use, commendable outcome and great results.

We loved our coffee to the core and my little one enjoyed her milk to the last sip. Thanks for the frothy delight Team Country Bean.

In btw thanks for the jar of yummy Earthy Hazelnut Beans!